Chapter History and Accomplishments

Oakland/Bay Area Chapter History (1986 – Present)

At a Florida meeting of the International City Management Association (ICMA), a group of Black City Managers decided to hold a forum to discuss issues that were relevant from an African American perspective. From this group, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) was born in 1983. On April 29, 1986, the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter formally became a chapter.

2015- Present
Jennifer Hopkins
Director, Student Information Systems and Applications
University of California Berkeley

2011- 2015
Harry Le Grande
Vice Chancellor Student Affairs
University of California Berkeley

2009 – 2010
Yvonne Hudson, Prior President
Retirement and Benefits Manager, City of Oakland

2008 – 2009
Robynn Hughes, Current President
Management Assistant, City of Oakland

2006 – 2008
Yvonne Hudson, Prior President
Retirement and Benefits Manager, City of Oakland


  • Initiated Preliminary Planning/Fundraising With Chapter to Host Forum 2009 in Oakland
  • Issue Quarterly Newsletters
  • Conduct Monthly General Membership Meetings
  • Conducted Retirement Planning Workshop Featuring a Representative from CalPERS
  • Donated Resort Vacation to National for Silent Auction at Annual Fundraiser in Washington D.C.
  • Individual Members Donated Cash Gifts in Support of National Annual Fundraiser in Washington D.C.
  • Entered into Newly Implemented Chapter Affiliation Agreement With National
  • Sponsored two Fundraisers Commemorating Juneteenth to Allensworth, CA, the Only California Town to be
    Financed and governed by African Americans
  • Sponsored two Fundraisers to COPIA in Napa, CA, Celebrating African American Vintners.
  • Held Two Raffles as Fundraisers to Raffle Free Registrations (2007 & 2008) Received as winner in
    National Membership Drives
  • Held Theatre Fundraiser to the Color Purple—Raised over $3,200.
  • Selected Theme for Conference Pre-Party at Forum 2008 in Little Rock (A Bridge to Glitz, Glamour,
    Beaches and
  • Selected and Received Approval of Conference 2009 Theme (Setting the Gold Standard: Developing,
    Managing and Sustaining Healthy Communities)
  • Visited Little Rock, AK to Select Pre-Party Site and Hire Decorator Consultants—Toni Adams, Ava
    Jourdain, Jeanette Edgerly, Theo Jackson
  • Secured Video for Viewing at Pre Conference Party from Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums and City
    Administrator, Deborah Edgerly to Promote Forum 2009 in Oakland
  • Held Membership Mixer at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle
  • Coordinated Panel Presentation and Discussion-“Emerging Diversity in the Workplace—Panel Members:
    Daniel Boggan, Henry Gardner and Cheryl Perry League
  • Held California Breakfast (Forum 2006) and California Connection (Forum 2007) Events at National
    Conference for all California Chapters
  • Secured support from Southern California Chapter and Capitol City Chapter to Co-Host Forum 2009 in
  • Served on National Membership Committee
  • Attended Quarterly Council of Presidents Meetings
  • Served as Workshop Panel Member—“Trends in Employee Benefits”—Forum 2008
  • Chapter Members Moderated Workshops During Forum 2006, 2007 and 2008. Focused on Personal/Professional Development and Community Development – Panelists: Gregory Hunter, Larry Reid, D. Jacquelyn Edwards, Andres Williams, Beverly Johnson


  • Received free registrations for Forum for Being the National Membership Recruitment Drive First and Second Place Winners 2 Consecutive Years (2005-2006 1st Place; 2006-2007 2nd Place)
  • Held 1st Annual Bay Area Achievers Awards; Event Held at the Home of UC Berkeley Chancellor; Honorees: Robert J. Birgeneau, Carole Ward Allen, Timothy Simon, and Nathaniel P. Ford
  • Presented Award to Long Time Member, Artis Dawson to Congratulate Retirement and Support of NFBPA
  • Received National Recognition as one of the Charter Chapters During Forum 2006
  • Held 2nd Annual Bay Area Achievers Awards Event Honorees: Wright Lassiter, Deborah Edgerly, Howard Jordan, Harold Jones, and Kamala Harris